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HiiT Pilates

HiiT Pilates Silvia

HiiT Pilates with Silvia

In this Hiit Pilates HiiT means: High intense interval training. HiiT workouts combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise.

In this Pilates based HiiT work-out you may give all you have in the periods of exercise. After that, there is some rest.

Silvia is very precise in the explanation of the Hiit Pilates and how exactly you should perform it with the right stability. In a calm manner she guides you trough the series of exercises.

So, 1.2…..GO!

Docent: Silvia Ferrer

Taal: English

Type of lesson: HiiT Pilates, work-out, cardio, immune system, body sculpting

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Lesson tags: alignment, body sculpting, buikkracht, cardio, english, fun, HIIT, kracht, pilates, silvia, stabiliteit, work out, zweten