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Pilates with chair

Pilates with chair

Pilates with chair with Silvia

This Pilates with chair sequence.

you work on stability and flexibility by using a chair. The chair can help you in this sequence for a foundation to give you length. On the other side it can challenge you a little bit more.

Silvia is very precise in the explanation of the Pilates exercises and how exactly you should perform it with the right stability. In a calm manner she guides you trough the series of exercises.


Teacher: Silvia Ferrer

Type of lesson: Pilates, klassieke, Barre,

what you need for this class: chair

What are we going to do in this Pilates with chair lesson:

• warming up

• giving flexibility to the body: side, back, groins, chest, shoulders

• core stability and strengthening different layers of the abdomen

• pelvis stability and leg flexibility

• strengthen the gluteus, relic area and hips

• strengthen the arms

• using the chair as a barre for strengthening and lengthening

• bolling down

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Lesson tags: alignment, ballet, barre, body sculpting, flexibiliteit, pilates, silvia, stabiliteit, work out