Expat Hatha by Anna (english spoken)

English spoken Hatha class by Anna, saturday the 24th of september.

Anna is an expat herself and a member at Yoga You. After a nice conversation we understood that she was a Hatha teacher as well.
From that moment we decided we could be a great place voor the expat community that enjoys Yoga.

We will start with these classes once a month. After the class there is the possibilty to hang out and talk to your fellow expats.

Off course these classes can be visited by our dutch members!

Zaterdag 24 september 10:15 – 11:30 uur
Zaterdag 15 oktober 10:15 – 11:30 uur
Zaterdag 5 november 10:15 uur – 11:30 uur
Zaterdag 26 november 10:15 – 11:30 uur
Zaterdag 17 december 10:15 uur – 11:30 uur

Hatha is a physical form of yoga, from which other yoga’s have evolved. So, here you will get how to use the props from the Iyengar yoga style, some sequences from Vinyasa, as well as the breathing exercises called Pranayama.
In this hatha yoga class, you will learn different asanas (yoga postures) for different bodies: you can always advance your practice or choose a smoother option. The main goal is to connect your body and mind. After that asanas practice a good Savasana (the full relaxation technique) is well deserved!